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Fertilizer Program from Sudbury, Massachusetts

At R.N.H. Landscape and Design, Inc., in Sudbury, Massachusetts, we offer a fertilizer program to help you make the most of your lawn. You can trust our landscaping company to offer the best programs to maximize your lawn's potential based on the seasons.

2016 6-Step Lawn Care Fertilizer Program

1) Early Spring Application - April (mfg 22-53602)

1a. One application of 18-0-5 with Crabgrass Preventer- Dimension provides essential nutrients required for healthy, vigorous growth of turf grass and prevents crabgrass.

2) Late Spring Application – May (mfg 22-54361)

2a. One application of weed control and fertilizer. Lockup, 19-0-6, provides selective control of all broadleaf weeds and continues to supply the turf grass with fertilizer needed for lush growth.
2b. *Optional* Grub Proofing is recommended this month to provide trouble lawns with season long protection. Merit Application 10-6-4 (mfg 22-41434)

3) Early Summer Application- June (mfg 22-42411)

3a. One application of insect control and fertilizer. Bifenthrin Insecticide, 17-0-5, provides your lawn with surface protection from chinch bugs, sod web worms, mole crickets and also acts as a fertilizer aid in maintaining and recovering damaged turf grass.

4) Late Summer Application- August (mfg 22-41546)

4a. One application of Turf Pro Green. Slow release fertilizer, 30-5-10, provides your lawn with nutrients for green growth needed after summer water and heat stress.

5) Fall Winterizer Application- October (mfg 33-53608)

Sa. One application of Fall Feed Fertilizer, 16-25-12, provides your lawn with essential nutrients to prepare turf grasses for the winter hardness.

6) Lime Application- Late October

6a. One application of lime reduced acidity in the soil which improves soil structure, liberates plant nutrients and reduces thatch in lawn areas.

2016 6-Step Organic Lawn Care Fertilizer Program


1) Early Spring Application- April

1a. One application of Corn Gluten, 10-0-0 with Pre-Emergent for Crabgrass control and feeding with low nitrogen. May need a 2nd treatment to be effective.*

2) Spring Application - May

2a. One application of Organic Feed, 10-2-8, which provides your lawn with an even release of fertilizer for turf grass.
2b. *Optional* Grub Control Application - One application of Organic Milky Spore. Long-Term and Slow Acting.

3) Summer Fertilizer- June

3a. One application of 100% Organic Fertilizer, 5-5-0, with 2o/o Calcium and 3o/o Iron for a slow release.

4) Fall Fertilization - September

4a. One application of 2o/o Iron Organic Fertilizer, 14-2-6, to help make turf green look greener and fresher.

5) Winterizer Application - October

Sa. One application of Organic Fall Feed, 8-5-5, to help prepare your lawn for the winter.

6) Lime Application - October

6a. One application of Lime reduces lawns acidity in the soil to help improve structure and liberate plant nutrients, also reduces thatching in lawn areas.

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